Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Hey all! The above picture was Faith's hairdo for crazy hair day at school. She was so excited to be able to wear her hair like this to school. Mom was a little freaked out and didn't want to let her out the door, but I grinned and beared it!

I know that it has been a long time since I posted. Our lives are very hectic these days. Joe is working 6 days a week most of the time now and usually doesn't get home until around 7:00 so that leaves Mom to do all the homework, cooking, cleaning, bath, etc. Most nights we don't even get to sit down until 9:00 and then I am just too pooped to blog.

So far this year has been fairly uneventful. Faith is doing very well in school, other than the one note from the teacher that resulted in a week long grounding and apology notes to two students being written. She also learned a very good lesson (hopefully) about lying to Mom as well since her grounding would only have been 2 days if she had told me the truth to begin with. I was certainly reminded that this parenting thing isn't easy. I pray everyday that we are raising her right and that God would give us discernment on how best to discipline. I must say that disciplining is THE hardest part of parenting. It is so difficult to know what you should or shouldn't do and whether you have done too much or not enough. I just don't know how some parents do it. I know that if you are too easy then they become selfish and spoiled and if you are too hard then you push them away. I just pray that we will find the right balance.

Joe has decided to sell his motorcycle...can you hear me rejoicing? Actually, I love to ride it with him, but it is just sooo dangerous. He made the decision to sell it last summer after seeing two motorcycle wrecks that resulted in the rider and driver dying. He posted it on Craigslist two days ago and has already had 3 people call asking about it. I think he is going to use the money from the sell to buy some new bass guitar equipment and a riding lawn mower.

I have been trying to lose some weight and get healthy. I have been watching what I eat and trying to make healthier selections for myself and the family and have been exercising more. So far I have lost 8 pounds and have been able to fit into some pants that I haven't been able to for awhile. Some days are harder than others, but so far I am very motivated to be healthy and stay that way. I also want to be able to teach Faith, by my example, how to eat healthy and make better choices with food. Fortunately, I have never had any trouble getting her to eat vegetables. She loves broccoli, carrots, okra and most other vegetables. I will try to keep you posted on how I am doing...who knows...if I get to my goal weight maybe I will post some before and after pictures.

Well, I guess that is about all that is new with us so far this year. I won't say that I will post more frequently, because who knows with me. However, hopefully it won't be too long in between.

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