Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay guys I am requesting your prayers next week for Faith and myself. She is leaving on Sunday to go to church camp for the week. The camp is 5 hours away in Ohio and I will not be able to call and check on her whenever I want. This has been an agonizing decision for me, but I know that she will have a lot of fun. Faith is very independent and makes friends easily so I am not at all worried about her being homesick. I am more worried about the fact that she will be gone an entire week with people other than immediate family. I have let her go with my Mom & Dad to NC before for a week, but that was different because I could call her whenever I wanted and she was with my parents. My friend, Denice, from church is going and that does make me feel some better...I know that she will take care of her as her own...and she is going to let her call me at night on her cell phone.

Another thing that makes this so difficult is that Joe and I have a long weekend planned at a bed and breakfast in SC and we will be leaving the Friday that she is coming back. Her Mimi (Joe's mom) will be picking her up and she will be spending the weekend with her until we get back on Monday. We are very still very excited about our trip though and are looking forward to it.

I will try to post more after camp is over and our weekend get away and update you on how everything went. Until then...PRAY!!!

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  1. Hi Tab!

    I left a response to your meal planning question on my site.

    Your family is precious! :-)